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Our services

Interior design and install built-in furniture services

SC-interior company is a factory that manufactures, designs and installs built-in furniture by professional team who have more than 20 years of work experience about furniture, Built-in & Décor and all kinds of interior decoration such as condominium, apartment, house, hotel, resort, restaurant, showroom, counter, bar , meeting room, sales office, government and state enterprise, office and others that we provide with high quality, attention and be friendly to meet the customer’s need.  Our interior designer’s process and our technicians who have exotic and modern ideas mixed with classic style and refinement in every detail of process including with quality of material which is used for responding the customer’s satisfaction each style in the best price and worth it.

When you use our services.

1. You will receive information and guidance from our experienced interior decorators and technicians directly.
2. You will receive a high quality of built-in furniture and meet customer needs with a friendly price.
3. We have quality teams who are our permanent employees.

Products and services

Our built-in furniture and interior decoration cover various customer groups as follows:
Residence: bedroom, kitchen, living room, living room, and partition.
Business group: office, entertainment venue, restaurant, hotel, spa, resort, shopping mall, decorating a store, hospital, exhibition, showroom, bar, counter, meeting room, executive room, government office, state enterprise, and others.

*To design and manufacture built-in furniture as the customer need.

model / style



-Modern – Classic

-Modern Family

-Contemporary Classic


Types of materials

Melamine coated plywoods consist of:

MDF coated with white

Bare MDF

Particleboard coated white

Block Board

Rubber plywood

Melanin coated the wood.

– Decor surfaces consist of veneer, laminate or other printing processes such as Hi Gloss and natural color.

– Additional decorative materials consist of granite,  solid surface, tile, mirror, stainless and aluminum.

– Real wood such as teak wood, Makha wood, redwood, Taeng wood, Tabaek wood.

-a wooden frame which is a joint wood that consists of teak wood, Tabaek wood, Durian wood, rubberwood.

The special structure of built-in furniture.

-It is strong, durable with the humidity and long-lasting life.

– The size and style of built-in and decorative furniture can be customized as the customer need. It can prevent dust and meet customer need.

– The material has been thoroughly streamed with the insecticide spray before production and installation.

– Our customers can select any color as needed.


Service process

SC-interior company

  1. For customers who have a plan that requires our interior design, you can send details of various information, specify elementary requirements, favorite decoration style and attach the photo to E-mail: / Line: @scinterior
  2. For customers who do not have a plan and want our interior designer to investigate details as well as the measurement of the area, you can make an appointment in advance or come to discuss with us at the office directly.
  3. To summarize the price of the design as the calculation from the area, collect the information and the style of the customer needed.
  4. To deposit the design along with the contract which is summarized the price. If the deposit has been paid, the company will write the layout plan for furniture placement and send it to the customer for considering. In this step, the layout plan can be adjusted as the customer needed.
  5. The company will write in the 3D image (drawing 3D) to the customer for considering. In this step, if any modifications or changes occur, the customer can edit only 3 times. When the final drawing 3D is complete as that customer needed, the company will make a shop drawing (details of all interior workpiece) to make a BOQ which will present to the customer directly.

Product warranty procedure

-After the inspection is completed by the customer, our product warranty will guarantee the materials and equipment. If there is any damage from regular using in daily which is not caused by the wrong using, we guarantee every product, material and equipment for a full year for all of the customer’s satisfaction.


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