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About Us

Sakchaikarnchang Co., Ltd.

We are willing to make built-in, design such as interior design in a house, a condominium, a shop, a sale office, and a resort.

SC – interior serves furniture & interior decoration service and built-in high quality by professional teams.

Our company has an example pictures of our workpieces of furniture and interior decoration design without copying another image.

We design own interior design and furniture as well as produced by our own factory because we have a quality team who used to be furniture and interior designers. We take care of every detail of our customers and every step of the furniture production process.

We set the goal for work with a fixed time. We would like our customers who are interested in our service to be able to consider before hiring us.

If you are interested to use our service and if you would like to see more of our additional built-in furniture workpieces. We have various images and we could give you guidance about various types of designs.

Our company has furniture designers but you have to pay the fee for hiring but if our customers have the idea already, we can evaluate the appraisal price for free! We can go to see the customer’s space at the actual location. Finally, we have a variety of furniture and interior decoration services even it’s big or small without a minimum.

Job description

-Furniture and interior design services.

– Handicraft furniture material, color, electric and cement.


-Professional team.

– Expertise in the specific field.

– Over 20 years of work experience.

-High responsibilities.


– Pay attention to every customer.

– Guaranteed quality of every workpiece.

– Pay attention to every detail of every workpiece.

– Focus on every customer’s satisfaction.

-Friendly price for you.

Our team

Our factory

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